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Password Generator

Most of you use the same password for everything. Most of you use numbers (eg. your birthday, your girlfriend's birthday, family members birthday), thinking that you're brilliantly avoiding the brute force dictionary attacks. Those of you who use letters, no numbers, and on top of that, dictionary words -- well, we're just not going to refer to you.

Bottom Line... Your passwords suck.

So that one password you've been using for everything? Get rid of it. Come up with a password -- preferably one that will be mildly difficult to guess (combination of letters and numbers, not a dictionary word or a variation thereof). Put it into this application, along with the URL of the site you're using, and it'll generate you a password. How do you REMEMBER this password? You don't need to. Everytime you put in your master password and the root URL of the website you're viewing (http://www.livejournal.com/thewintergreen/is/the/only/livejournal/i/bother/reading becomes http://www.livejournal.com), and it will spit out the same password it did last time.

For those of you using Firefox, generate a bookmarklet and put it in your Bookmark Toolbar folder. Go to a login screen, click the bookmarklet, type in your master password, and it will automatically grab the URL of the website your visiting in order to create your password, and then automatically put it into the password field. (My main gripe with this comes from the fact that, when using the bookmarklet, your password is not *'d out.

If you make your master password 'cat', someone could eventually find out and use that to create your password for every website you use. Also, if you're out on the town and you need to log in to something on a computer that's not your own, you'll need to go to the HTML page to create your password (Unless, of course, you decided to memorize the MD5 Hash.... :-|)

I wouldn't use this for everything, but for things that are high priority (Email, bank account) this can be extremely useful.
Today is about: Learning.

Learn how to Lucid Dream.

Learn Pen Spinning.

Watch The Elegant Universe.

Learn to do the tricks from David Blaine's Street Magic

Learn the basics of programming 2D games.

Learn to do magic tricks with coins

Learn to fold high-performance paper airplanes (Use your arrow keys during the animation to go frame-by-frame, spacebar to pause)

Learn, and witness, optical illusions

Learn the proper way to open a door for someone else (Clever Animation)

Learn the Top 100 Sci-Fi Short Stories

Learn how everything works.

Learn about and compare the sizes of fictional sci-fi space ships

That's all for now.

Where would you be without me?
For the record.

Iron and Wine covered The Postal Service with Such Great Heights.

Not the other way around.

That's your PSA for today.
I just ordered a pizza. To my great surprise, Captain Intellect was the man who answered the phone!

Me, "I'd like to place an order for delivery"
CI, "Okay."
Me, "To 2780 Beacon Hill Dr."
CI, "Okay."
More pausing.
Me, "For cheese pizzas and bread sticks."
CI, "Okay."
Me, "Don't you want to know how many and what size?"
CI, "Oh, yeah"
Me, "Two cheese pizzas and a small order of bread sticks."
Me, "ummm...."
CI, "That will be $12.59."
Me, "How long will that take?"
CI, "60 minutes?"
Me, "Are you telling me? Or are you asking me if its okay that it arrives in an hour?"
CI, "An hour? 60 minutes is three quarters of an hour."
Me, "Oooookay..."
CI, "How will you be paying for that?"
Me, "Cash."
CI, "Okay."
Me, "Uuuuhh... yeah, bye now."
CI, "Okay."
*hang up*

By far one of the best blonde jokes ever
I just watched Empire Records.

So many teenage emotions in one movie.

That movie is the definition of chick flick.

But I kinda liked parts of it.

The parts without crying.

Or screaming.

Or whining.

Or "I Love you".

Or "You look sad"

Or "I'm a crazy teen gonna shoot up a store"


Or "u r a slut"

Or "You have such a perfect life"

Or "Wait, no you don't, amg EVERYONE HAS PROBLEMS! What a revelation!"

Or "Wait, I love you, but you don't love me, because you're crying because some old guy took off his pants"



The beginning of the movie was good though. And the part about the quarters. Basically all the parts that had nothing to do with their life, just hanging out at the record store.

Those kids cried too much.

But I like Liv Tyler taking off her clothes. Though immediately afterwards, she's crying and bitching.

I won't be watching it again.

But I liked the quarters.
Ew. Margerine.Collapse )
I don't want to write my speech. :|
Use the Force, dudes.

You got 10 out of 10 correct on your first attempt.

Jedi Master
Holy shit. The Star Wars soundtracks are SO good.

The Episode III soundtrack is fucking amazing.

Back to sleep now. Homework in the morning.

(For those of you with iTunes or are teh hax0rs, and don't want to buy the whole thing:

Definitely Download:
1. "Star Wars and The Revenge of the Sith"
2. "Battle of the Heroes"
3. "General Grievous"
4. "A New Hope and End Credits")
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